Cardeno C. is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a little happiness and a few "awwws" into a reader's day...


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One Eyed Trouser Trout and other Euphemisms

07/10/14 7:33 am

Ah, the penis.  It’s the stuff of legend, celebrated in literature, film, and advertisements for size-enhancement supplements (whose claims should not be believed, mostly becaus...

Ask Andrew - How Young is Too Young

07/09/14 7:11 am

Dear Andrew How early is too early for boys to be naked with each other by choice and eventually sexual? I have a story (placed just before the civil war in a rural area for context) I'm wo...

June by Cardeno C.

07/07/14 2:00 am

Happy Monday! I have to say that when it's time for one of these monthly writing recaps, I find myself amazed that another month has somehow passed. But the clock keeps on ticking so here we go with ...

New Stories, Free Stories, and Goodreads, oh, my!

07/03/14 1:32 am

Well, it's Thursday, right? So here I am. :P It's been a very strange week for me, what with the craziness surrounding the whole SCOTUS decision re: Hobby Lobby's corporate freedom of religion (I t...

Ask Andrew - Preparation

07/02/14 3:00 am

Dear Andrew In many of the MM romance books, a lot of time is spent with the "preparation". Is this fact or fiction?  Cuz I'll tell ya, if I hear one more, one finger, then two, then scissori...