Cardeno C. is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a little happiness and a few "awwws" into a reader's day...


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Happy Australia Day

01/24/15 7:00 am

(I’ve pulled some facts from a news article, just to entertain us all) So it’s the Australia Day weekend.  Yippee!  That means hot weather, bbqs, sunburn and cr...

Love Means.... The End

01/21/15 7:03 am

Last Friday was the release of Love Means... Endurance, the last story in the Farm series.  It was a difficult decision to say goodbye to characters I have loved so very much, but its time. ...

A Few of our Favorite Things

01/20/15 10:00 am

<BA> boooo  [sean] eeeek!  [sean] ;)  [sean] so, favorite things!  [sean] Favorite Color?  <BA> heee!  <BA> PINK  [sean] purple  <j...

I Tried It At Home - Peeling Garlic by Cardeno C.

01/19/15 11:43 pm

Happy Monday! Last week, I saw this intriguing video about a simple, clean, fast way to peel garlic. Basically you put the whole bulb in a small jar, shake, and magically the peel just falls right...

Proverbs for the new world

01/17/15 7:00 am

What’s your favourite saying or proverb?  “All’s fair in love and war”?  “Don’t blow your own trumpet”?  “Easy come, easy go”? My mother’s favourite saying is “Reap...