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Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25/14 9:21 am

Turkey!  Stuffing  Cranberry sauce Pumpkin pie  BUNS! HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM SEAN, JULIA AND BA!

Crissy's Holiday Book Recommendations (Part 1) by Cardeno C.

11/24/14 3:00 am

Happy Monday! I have such a special blog post to share. My dear friend Crissy is a major holiday book reader and she put together a post full of great reading recommendations. The list is so amazing...

The L in Glbt

11/23/14 7:14 pm

Hey y'all! I'm Julia Talbot, and I write all the things! Grins. I mean, I write het, m/m, menage and lesbian stuff. A few people have asked me to talk about the lesbian fiction, so here I am. I l...

Soap Nuts

11/18/14 10:00 am

WARNING - there are amazon links in this post that go to adult toys, among other things, with graphic pictures of said items - WARNING <Sean> hello <julia> Hey y'all <BA> hola! ...

The Question I’m Most Frequently Asked by Cardeno C.

11/17/14 6:00 am

I love interacting with readers and one way to do that is through interviews. When a blogger asks to interview me, I always have the same set of reactions:  What an honor! Yes, yes, yes!...