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August Writing Recap by Cardeno C.

09/01/14 11:52 am

Happy Monday! I’m happy to report that August didn’t slip away while I wasn’t looking, but it’s still gone so it’s time for my monthly writing recap. I finished up all the work on McFarland's Fa...

Coming out to my husband

08/30/14 9:22 am

Those who follow me on Facebook may be aware that I’m not “out” to my family.  Oh, I don’t mean in terms of my sexuality, I mean in the fact that I write.  They don’t know I wr...

Dragon*Con Ahoy! :D

08/28/14 12:00 am

Well, it's that time of year again, and I am, of course, heading off to Dragon*Con (even though I feel like i just got back from AAD, which... wait, I did)! For those who aren't familiar, Dragon*Co...

Ask Andrew - Condoms

08/27/14 7:23 am

Dear Andrew, My question is regarding the use of condoms by gay men (or straights as well). How do you feel about men using condoms, even if they are in a committed relationship? Paraphrase of ...

New Facebook Group by Cardeno C.

08/25/14 6:00 am

Happy Monday! Just a quick post today to let you know about a new Facebook group I started. I'm hoping for a place where interacting is easier than on a page and so far, it's been great. Plus, we vot...