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07/02/15 12:00 am

I'm not a big TV watcher. I'd much rather be writing or reading. I'm not big on sci-fi kind of shows either so had I not had it recommended to me, I probably never would have watched Sense...

A Powerful Story - Coming Soon

07/01/15 7:11 am

A few months ago, at the height of the epidemic in West Africa, I heard a story about children forced  to live on their own because their parents had died and the villages refused to allow others...

Love Wins and so can you! Ebook giveaways from Sean, Julia and BA

06/30/15 7:30 am

Thanks to the SCOTUS decision Friday, LGBT people all over the country are celebrating. While Sean's folks up Canuck country were way more evolved than we are, Sean is celebrating with us!...

Strange Bedfellows Stuff Including Giveaways by Cardeno C.

06/29/15 9:00 am

Happy Monday! A few things today. First, I'm traveling this week and I hope to post semi-frequent pictures on Twitter and Facebook so if you're interested, track me there. Next, I h...

Thinking of becoming an author? My juggling act.

06/27/15 9:00 am

Earlier this month we were treated to another episode in the long running saga, “When Authors Go Bad.”  Either you caught it or you didn’t, because, like anything on social media, your fame wan...