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Song Inspirations (Siete) by Cardeno C.

07/28/14 3:34 am

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing the song inspirations for the standalone novels in my Family series. Something in the Way He Needs -  Something by the Beatles   In Someth...

Guest Interview: David Pratt talks Looking After Joey

07/27/14 1:41 am

I'm pleased to welcome David Pratt to share his latest release, Looking After Joey . If you're in the Washington DC area, stop by the OutWrite LGBT book festival next weekend where David an...

Introducing Renae Kaye

07/26/14 10:29 am

Hello world! My wonderful, wonderful fellow release-day author, Cardeno C., has invited me to share in Café Risque and I nearly broke an ankle in my rush to accept.  So I’m ha...

Ask Andrew - Those Pesky Other Holes We Make for Ourselves

07/23/14 7:33 am

Dear Andrew My question is this..what is your opinion on piercings? My 39 yr old brother has decided to get a piercing on his penis. Not sure what kind but this is so far from anything  I ever...

Twitter Recap by Cardeno C.

07/21/14 3:01 am

Happy Monday! I haven't done a twitter recap in a few months, so buckle up - this is a long ride.  Pet peeve: When there's so much stuff @ the end of a bk that I'm only @ the 80% mark &...