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I wrote this flash fic for Boy Meets Boy Reviews featuring the characters in Wake Me Up Inside. Enjoy! - CC

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Ahhh, I really liked this one. This is a very sweet book. Cute and cuddly through and through. This is also a classic Cardeno C contemporary. When CC nails a contemporary romance you get highly likeable characters and a truly delightful story. That’s this book. That’s Oliver and Jaime. They are perfect for one another, their love addictive, infectious, and squoogey.

On Top Down Under

I have been on a M/M kick lately and this book was perfect in feeding my habit. CC really knows how to write a good, sweet coming around eye-opening to all love book.

Vampires Werewolves Fairies Oh My

Warm, sensual, sweet and hot. Reg is a perfect guy. Maybe he's too perfect, but with Jeremy as his other half, he has to be. Jeremy is a spoiled brat, has tantrums and no idea how the real world works. But he doesn't know any better. When Reg points out his flaws, he genuinely tries to better himself. I liked how Reg's POV was written. He is funny and such a good person, his thoughts cracked me up sometimes. Jeremy broke my heart sometimes. He's insecure and lonely, even if he doesn't even know it. His life hasn't been his own until Reg takes over some of the control. It gives Jeremy the time to calm down and get a handle of his own life. It's so great to read how their relationship grows without Jeremy realizing it. ... Believe me, you want to read this story.

Kimichan Experience Book Reviews

I also had the opportunity to review this book in AUDIO form, and it was just as delicious that way, as when I read it!


The combination of Cardeno C's magnificent writing style and Paul Morey's delightful narration skills turned this into a very epic love story. I would actually call this the PERFECT dose of romance and heartbreaking revelations that one as a bookworm deserves. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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