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I wrote this flash fic for Boy Meets Boy Reviews featuring the characters in Wake Me Up Inside. Enjoy! - CC

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Oh my gosh, this was a great story. I liked it best of all the Mates collection. Yoram was a doll from the time we first meet him at seven years old when he, in turn, sees Salvatore Rossi for the first time, to the time he’s a mature Alpha leader of the Miancarn Pack and he finally gets to claim his true mate. ... I love the author’s ability to write first-time sex scenes and to infuse innocence in an otherwise worldly character, and Cardeno C does it extremely well in this story. ...If you’ve read any of the previous stories, you’ll have a chance to get an update on those characters as well, but if you haven’t, you can still read this one. Just know that when you finish, you’re going to want to go back and get the others in the series. Overall, though, if you are a lover of shifter stories and don’t mind a little vampire mixed in, this one is a great story to pick up.

Hearts on Fire

If you’re looking for a dose of SWEET & SEXY, don’t miss this story!

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I will admit I never thought I could love this book more. But I do. If you are a true die hard romantic, you really need to pick up this book.

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Cardeno C. always manages to craft tales full of heart and love.....This book is a lovely story that portrays two very different men that complement and support one another thereby making them both stronger....This story really captured the "true mates" idea perfectly because it depicted two men who are only complete and whole when together. I love that Cardeno C really writes romantic and heartwarming tales because Samuel and Korbin's story was so sweet, romantic and wonderfully done. I honestly loved every second and can be read as a standalone.

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I must say though that when reading this light, short read, it had a dreamy quality to it. I cannot really put the right words on text, but it was like I was participating in the events that unfolded in a quality very dreamlike and quite blurry. It felt so good and in spite of the sensitive topic involved, it left me with a feeling of such great HOPE. Something which could only be felt during hopeful holidays like Christmas....There was something magical about this story that speaks of love, commitment, hope and faith. Yes, this is a very short and light read but it was bigger than the quantity of the text.  It made me think deeper and it reached out to something deeper inside me (and hopefully other readers). It teared up quite a bit but as the story was not sad, it was good tears. Hopeful tears. It was a beautiful.

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