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I wrote this flash fic for Boy Meets Boy Reviews featuring the characters in Wake Me Up Inside. Enjoy! - CC

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This book was a well written sexy as hell book from the first page to the last, I loved the family interactions, the fighting and beliefs but I also loved how they rally together when they ʺhave toʺ lol.  I absolutely loved it!!!

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Strange Bedfellows is definitely a story I can recommend highly, and one I will look forward to reading again. Sweet and clever is always a winning combination for me, and as a bonus, it is not cloying at all, and it gave me yet another favorite couple to add to my list.

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Pick up Walk With Me by Cardeno C and be prepared to be amazed at the depth of emotion contained in this story. If you love MM stories, Cardeno C should be on the top of your must buy list.

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So if you're having a crappy day (or even if you're not) and you need a fast fluff injection, I recommend this novella.

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I really like CC's kind of romance. It's always sweet and you can betcher ass it's gonna be sexy as hell.

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