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I wrote this flash fic for Boy Meets Boy Reviews featuring the characters in Wake Me Up Inside. Enjoy! - CC

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Cardeno C.’s shifter books (all the different series) are my favorites! I love the world building and the unique properties that get revealed in this one! I won’t tell you what they are – and spoil your surprise – but they are fun and sweet and exciting!

The Blogger Girls

I love Cardeno C’s writing style, and this one is right up there with some of the author’s most emotion-evoking stories. And hot? Oh yes, this one is hot.

Hearts on Fire

This is yet another romantic cuppa served warm with extra cream and sugar from Cardeno C.

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Stubborn has a name and it is Ethan Abbatt. Once he figured out that Miguel was his true mate he wasn't going away no matter what anyone else said....even Miguel. Miguel was savage and ruthless with everyone but Ethan and that dichotomy made me fall for his character. ... while the main theme may be forbidden but true love the more important lesson is acceptance and adaptability. ...Lots of sexy, sweet scenes and I have to say a nice change in that the older more experienced very alpha male didn't necessarily take the lead in the bedroom. ... I hope there are more stories planned in the future and that the shifters learn to tolerate difference.

Guilty Indulgence