Home Again

Home Again
  • 2nd book::views.edition
  • Word Count: 53,026
  • Price: $4.99
  • Release Date: 02/07/2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-942184-03-4

Two men whose love has never faltered must relive their most treasured moments in order to secure their future.

Imposing, temperamental Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital and can’t remember how he got there. He holds it together, taking comfort in the fact that the man he has loved since childhood is on the way. But when his one and only finally arrives, Noah is horrified to discover that he doesn’t remember anything from the past three years.

Loyal, serious Clark Lehman built a life around the person who insisted from their first meeting that they were meant to be together. Now, years later, two men whose love has never faltered must relive their most treasured and most painful moments in order to recover lost memories and secure their future.


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  • Length: 5 hours, 26 minutes
  • Price: $19.95
  • Release Date: 06/10/2016
Home Again
  • 2nd book::views.edition
  • Page Count: 250
  • Price: $13.99
  • Release Date: 10/16/2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-942184-47-8
  • ASIN: 1942184476


Full Excerpt

A persistent, annoying sound kept infiltrating my mind. I’d manage to shut it out successfully for a while, only to have it edge its way back in.


What is that noise? Maybe I can find it and make it stop. Ugh—that’ll require opening my eyes and my eyelids feel so heavy. I don’t think they’ve ever felt this heavy.

The beep-beep-beep got louder, or maybe I was just more aware of it. And something smelled strange. Not dirty, but not pleasant either. Like a deep, chemical smell.


What is that? Did we get a new alarm clock? We’ve never needed one. Clark’s body has the amazing ability to know what time it is even when he’s asleep, so he hasn’t ever let us sleep too late.


Maybe I can reach it and make it stop. Don’t need to open my eyes for that, just need to lift…


Clark Lehman & Noah Asher Forman

The story spans from 1996 to January, 2011.

Cameo Appearances:

  • Zach Johnson & Aaron Paulson from He Completes Me.
  • Ben Forman from Just What the Truth Is.


They are a memorable couple, and Cardeno C. is quite skilled at writing stories with dirty dialogue and lots of sweet love.

Prism Book Alliance

Home Again is part of Cardeno C.'s Home series. It's a beautiful story of two men who meet at an early age and depend on each other when they have no one else. It's a fourteen-year journey through Noah and Clark's lives. ...There is just not enough good things to say about Home Again. It is a book that I've read more than once and will probably read again. In fact the series is one of my all-time favorites. I highly recommend Home Again by Cardeno C.

Joyfully Jay

The narrator, Alexander Collins, does an amazing job with the voice work on this book. We get not only distinct voices for each character, but there are subtle changes as they age over the course of the story. Pacing and style are some of the best, as those who have heard Collins’ narrations before have come to expect. Voices are strong and the interplay between them is a lovely thing to hear when handled by someone who obviously takes his voice work seriously. It adds a new layer to the story told by Cardeno C. We are treated to some top notch narration.

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