In Another Life & Eight Days

In Another Life & Eight Days
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  • Word Count: 36,389
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: 12/15/2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-942184-19-5

Eight Days: Childhood friends start a long-distance romance but need a holiday miracle for a happy ending. In Another Life: Shiloh will find the strength to confront his fears and build a life worth fighting for with the help of EMT Travis.


At age eighteen, Shiloh Raben is tired. He no longer has the energy to deal with mean classmates, inner doubt, and fear of familial rejection, so he takes a razor to his wrist. When he wakes up in the hospital, Shiloh meets Travis Kahn, the EMT who saved him and didn’t leave his side.

Travis is handsome, smart, and funny—the type of guy Shiloh would never be brave enough to approach. But his near-death experience has an unusual side effect: the life that flashed before his eyes wasn’t the one he had already lived, but rather the one he could live. With visions of a future by Travis’s side, Shiloh will find the strength to confront his fears and build a life worth fighting for.


Childhood family friends, Maccabe Fried and Josh Segal have always gotten along despite having nothing in common. Maccabe is an athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball. Josh is an aspiring architect with dreams of being with Maccabe. Despite all odds, both dreams come true.

Maccabe and Josh fall into a long-distance romance, which is everything Josh thought he wanted. But after years of hiding from the world, Josh wants to bring their relationship into the open. When Maccabe refuses, Josh is faced with a tough decision: stay with the man he loves or live the life he deserves. No matter the choice, somebody’s bound to get hurt. Thankfully, in the season of miracles, there’s always hope for a happy ending.


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  • Release Date: 07/26/2016
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Full Excerpt


Shiloh, Age 18

You know how they say when you’re about to die your whole life flashes before your eyes? Well, as it turns out, it’s true. But it’s not like what you think. At least, for me it wasn’t. Because the life I saw as I lay in the bathtub taking my last breath wasn’t the one I had lived during the eighteen years I’d been on this earth. Instead, the life I saw was the one I would be missing for the next eighteen.

Funny how I had wanted to die for years, had been gathering the courage to do it, and then when the moment was finally upon me and I felt the last bit of life drain from my body, well, that was when I realized there had been something to live for all along. Or maybe I should say someone.


Chapter 1



I really liked the sound of the premise. I enjoyed the delivery much more. A near-death experience. A sudden change in setting, age and time. People thinking your subconscious is aware and perhaps that enables you to know things you ordinarily wouldn't. The concept that some people are just meant to be together, that they are waiting for the right person to come along. That the right person can save you. It is written in a lovely manner. Both characters were delightful. I grew attached to them right from the moment I met them. I loved Travis' sense of humour and (forty one year old) Travis' dirty mouth. I adored klutzy Shiloh's choice of boxers and his attitude in general. The sex for the thirty six/forty one year old Shiloh and Travis was all kinds of erotic and the sex to story ratio was perfect. That Hanukkah was the festive season with meaning (along with Thanksgiving) was a refreshing change from Christmas. ... Beautifully written - lovely characters, clever premise and wonderful delivery. ... If you are in the mood for a festive novella that is a little different - makes you think just a smidge - that is upbeat, sexy and nice, then grab In Another Life. Loved it!

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What we get here is an epic love story, a bit of magic and a poignant reminder that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn't necessarily known to you. The relationship between Shiloh and Travis was beautiful and sweet and committed, and I loved every minute of it. The sexy times were emotionally charged, and only made their connection stronger. ... What I got from Cardeno C. is a feel-good, sweet and fluffy magical love story. I needed it.

My Fiction Nook

Beans: This novella is spectacular. Shiloh is a beautiful combination of shy and quirky. He struggles to find his way but Travis's calm demeanor and strength are a balm to Shiloh. They are both incredible men and there is passion, humor, love, and and a faith in something amazing. ... Brilliantly written and executed, this is my favorite of Cardeno C's novellas.Nina:  I've read this a couple times now. It keeps getting better. There were so many beautiful, touching moments. I laughed, cried and smiled throughout. ... I loved the messages that are clear and resonant throughout. The sweet, tender and sensitive handling of serious and painful issues. A story of hope, second chances, new beginnings, faith, family, trust and love, so much love. A lot of that love will be yours. This is a holiday story that you will read again every year. I know I will.

Gay List Book Reviews

The way Mccabe and Josh’s relationship changed over the years from acquaintances to friends, from friends to… well, more as they grew, not only up physically but together and into a couple as time went by, was heartwarming and lovely. As they came to what seemed like their conclusion, my heart heart did flip-flops and cartwheels, it seemed. Such a great story!

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