Where to Start

Readers sometimes ask which of my books they should read first. All of my books are standalones that can be read in any order so the answer doesn’t relate to a specific book in a collection. Instead, I suggest choosing a book based on what interests you. Here are descriptions to help you choose.

Paranormal (Shifter) Stories

  • If you want Alpha/Omega dynamics and a hurt/comfort theme, choose Blue Mountain.

  • Two untraditional Alphas, some misunderstandings, and a baby. If you like MPreg, Red River is the one for you.

  • Some healing, traditional Alpha/Omega dynamics, and MPreg - go for Golden Valley.

  • If you enjoy Alpha/Alpha relationships, an enemies-to-lovers overlay, and a clueless narrator whose heart is in the right place, if only he can find it, try In Your Eyes.

  • Wake Me Up Inside gives you childhood friends to lovers, a male, human mate - two things that aren’t possible, and a powerful Alpha who risks everything for his beloved.

  • In Until Forever Comes, you’ll get Alpha/Omega dynamics with a powerful vampire and a sickly, strong-hearted wolf shifter who go against their cultures and their histories to be together.

  • To Touch You has a clueless and emotionally withholding vampire and the giving Alpha wolf shifter who fell in love with him as a child and finally gets his man decades later.

  • All of Me: Two Alpha shifters bonded in childhood and torn apart when they were supposed to be together get another chance, more than a little hurt/comfort in this one.

  • Lion shifters, Alpha/Omega dynamics, hurt/comfort, and redemptions - Johnnie.​

Contemporary Stories

  • If you’re interested in dirty talk and a character who experiences personal growth, go with The Half of Us.

  • If you want a contemporary childhood-friends-to-lovers, and a relationship-that-falls-apart-before-it-blooms, with a snarky narrator who gets his men (plural intentional), try More Than Everything.

  • If you like opposites attract stories and an imperfect hero who could use a harsh wake up call and gets it, consider my contemporary novel Something in the Way He Needs.

  • If hurt/comfort is your thing, you like your heroes, big, strong, and sweet, and enjoy an age gap, Strong Enough is a good choice.

  • A snarky, foul-mouthed, highly-sexed never-going-to-settle-down playboy meets his match in a patient virgin. If an opposites attract story with a smoking high heat level is your thing, read He Completes Me.

  • In Home Again you get a mix of childhood-friends-to-lovers and lovers reunited.

  • A coming out story, a finding yourself story, a building a family story, a holding onto love story - Just What the Truth Is.

  • Love at First Sight - an older/younger pairing with a touch of hurt/comfort, a high dose of sex, and, as the title promises, love at first sight.

  • In The One Who Saves Me our childhood friends become lovers early on, but the relationship comes much later. If reading about true, deep, lifelong friendship is your thing, try this book.

  • If a contemporary book could have fated mates, it would be Where He Ends & I Begin. These best friends since birth realize they both want a relationship at the beginning of the novel - see how two men who have always been in love fall even deeper.

  • Walk With Me is my version of a romantic comedy, friends-to-lovers style.

  • Perfect Imperfections: A rock star romance with a slow burn and a bit of a “marriage of convenience” feel.

  • Enemies to lovers on one side, an unrequited crush on the other, and a lot of comfort needed for past hurts in between: A Shot at Forgiveness.

  • Take one clueless movie star, add in a loyal-to-a-fault best friend, and mix them in a night where the past is seen in a different light and you get love in Places in Time.

  • Two redemption novellas in one volume - In Another Life has two men who fall in love not once, but twice, and Eight Days has two boys who fall in love but need to grow into men before they recognize it.

  • Opposites attract when a quiet, gentle giant of a farmer takes on a party boy in need of redemption in McFarland’s Farm.

  • Jesse’s Diner: An age gap romance with a shy young man who doesn’t realize he is being seduced by his best friend’s hunky dad.

  • A May-December, second-chance romance with a main character who may make you growl a time or two because he has trouble getting a clue - Smitty's Sheriff

  • In Strange Bedfellows, two late 30s/early 40s men who were raised to be enemies meet and realize their hearts and dreams overshadow politics.

  • Humor, a long-standing crush that finally gets requited, and two sexy Alphas - Jumping In.

  • Enemies to lovers (at least on one side) with a heavy dose of snark - Rough Edges.