Places in Time

Places in Time

A relationship-challenged actor unexpectedly finds love in the arms of his childhood best friend.

Word Count: 15,659

Rough Edges

Rough Edges

Kyle has an unwelcome crush on his nemesis Brent. Brent has a welcome crush on his friend Kyle. As it turns out, the line between a friend and an enemy doesn’t have to be a line at all.

Word Count: 17,127

All of Me

All of Me

To bond with his destined mate, an Alpha wolf must look past what he sees and trust what he feels.

Word Count: 18,207

In Another Life & Eight Days

In Another Life & Eight Days

Eight Days: Childhood friends start a long-distance romance but need a holiday miracle for a happy ending. In Another Life: Shiloh will find the strength to confront his fears and build a life worth fighting for with the help of EMT Travis.

Word Count: 36,389

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This was a very well written book with a smooth flow and good pacing.

Red Pen Cafe

The best thing about this book is how it's told over time. ... I loved watching Andrew and Caleb grow up, explore life and become men... I really enjoyed this complete look at these two characters' lives and how they loved and supported each other through it all, large and small. ... MM readers who enjoy a good erotic romance will adore Andrew and Caleb. They have a chemistry that leaps off the page from the time they first notice each other sexually and continues the entire book. Andrew enjoys body modification and this will delight MM readers as it did me. Unlike some authors who write good erotic interludes but not emotional intimacy, this author deftly combines both. The characters' emotional connection is just as tangible as their sexual chemistry.

The Book Vixen

Although In Your Eyes is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. I thought it was a great story, and I loved seeing Samuel's transition from completely closed off to a man coming alive in so many ways after he and Korban truly found each other.

On My Growing TBR

I loved this beautiful love story between a man who is always in charge but whose control starts to fall apart the minute he meets a free-spirited man who just wants to be needed....Dare I say their chemistry is off the charts and the heat level of this romance is exactly where I wanted it. Sizzling. The romance was heart-warming as well. .... this is a fabulous read and I recommend it easily.

Love Bites and Silk Ties

This book is not your usual love story it's even better, there's a bit of everything in there. I especially love the way you get both peoples POV's, you get the entire story of the relationship with the good, the bad and the ugly. And they come out the other end a happier much more emotionally balanced couple. I would recommend this book to all m/m romance lovers.

Love Bytes Reviews