Places in Time

Places in Time

A relationship-challenged actor unexpectedly finds love in the arms of his childhood best friend.

Word Count: 15,659

Rough Edges

Rough Edges

Kyle has an unwelcome crush on his nemesis Brent. Brent has a welcome crush on his friend Kyle. As it turns out, the line between a friend and an enemy doesn’t have to be a line at all.

Word Count: 17,127

All of Me

All of Me

To bond with his destined mate, an Alpha wolf must look past what he sees and trust what he feels.

Word Count: 18,207

In Another Life & Eight Days

In Another Life & Eight Days

Eight Days: Childhood friends start a long-distance romance but need a holiday miracle for a happy ending. In Another Life: Shiloh will find the strength to confront his fears and build a life worth fighting for with the help of EMT Travis.

Word Count: 36,389

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I am NEVER disappointed reading a Cardeno C. novel and Not a Game hit the romance spot....Cardeno C.’s characters are down to earth and people we’d meet on the streets, and want to get to know. 

Sexy Erotic Xciting

Story is sweet with a touch of spice and some nice shots of humor

Making It Happen

This was such a character driven story. I liked that it was a slow burn book. That Jeremy and Reg took the time to be friends before they became lovers. It was sweet and sexy and it was just right. There wasn't much angst in this story and It would have been so wrong to have it there. This book was just perfect the way it was. These two guys were so sweet together. I loved how they took their time falling in love with each other. They had a nice basis of friendship and allowed their feelings to grow from there. This was a really nice feel good book and you will not be disappointed in reading this story. If you're looking for something fun and sweet and just a bit sexy….this is the book for you.

Pants Off Reviews

It's incredibly sad what parents do to their children with their phobias, bigotry and attitudes be they good or bad. It almost destroyed Ben trying to be everything to everyone. When he admitted it to himself and owned it that he was gay, that was when his life started to come together and he could live and breathe. I would recommend this book to all m/m romance story lovers.

Love Bytes Reviews