Zev and Jonah

Zev and Jonah
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I wrote this flash fic for Boy Meets Boy Reviews featuring the characters in Wake Me Up Inside. Enjoy! - CC

“How many hotel rooms like this have we stayed in over the years?” Jonah Marvel asked as he toed off his shoes and ran his hand over the wood paneling covering the wall in the Kfarkattan Inn.

“Too a high number for my little brain to count, Blondie.” Zev grinned, dropped a kiss on Jonah’s lips, and took the suitcase from his hand. “Which means you have no chance of calculating it because I’ve always been better at math.” He put their bags in the closet.

“How do you figure?” Jonah leaned against the wall and enjoyed the view of Zev’s firm butt as he bent over to remove his shoes and then his socks.

Zev closed the closet door, straightened, and then turned around. His amber eyes twinkled and his dimples flashed. “My grade was higher.”

The face that had caught Jonah’s attention as a boy was leaner now, the body tall, broad, and muscular, but at thirty-four, Zev’s hair was still the same brown streaked with mahogany and his eyes still gazed at Jonah like he was the most important person on earth. And Jonah knew that to Zev, he was. The feeling was mutual.

“Oh, please.” Jonah stepped forward, needing to feel his mate’s heat under his palms. “Less than two points difference in one quarter of algebra doesn’t mean anything.” He shoved his hands under Zev’s shirt and pushed his fingertips over the muscular ridges of his stomach, rucking his shirt up to his armpits and then over his head.

“You always spend twenty years hanging on to specific details for things that don’t mean anything?” Zev circled his arms around Jonah’s waist, dropped his hands down the back of his pants, and caressed his backside.

“How can I forget when you bring it up all the time?” Jonah ground his hips against Zev and shivered when he felt the hard line of his erection. He reached for Zev’s zipper while pressing his face to Zev’s neck. “Sad, really, how you can’t acknowledge my superior academic skills after all these years.” He inhaled deeply, relishing the rightness of his mate’s scent, pushed Zev’s pants and briefs to his ankles, and then he cupped Zev’s bare dick.

Zev moaned and breathlessly said, “Fine. You’re infinitely smarter in all things, math included.”

“Don’t push your luck, Hassick.”

“Time to get naked, Blondie.”

Zev reached for him, but Jonah stepped back.

“Patience, Pup.” Jonah winked and then made a show of slowly peeling off his shirt, pants, socks, and underwear.

By the time Jonah was naked, Zev’s pupils were dilated, his lips were parted, and his heart thumped so hard, Jonah could hear it.

“Beautiful,” Zev whispered, his voice reverent.

Every nerve in Jonah’s body tingled with awareness and his balls throbbed with need. He rushed forward, pressed his naked frame against his mate’s, and wrapped his arms around Zev’s waist.

“Zev,” Jonah rasped. He leaned up and brushed his mouth over Zev’s.

“Right here, Blondie.” Zev bit his lower lip and then licked it. “Always right here with you.”


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