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The turn of events for this book was beautifully done, in my opinion. Cardeno C was amazing when portraying the struggles of the characters and the way things were developing between them, up until the moment my jaw dropped and I though “OMG! Really?!” Because even though I kind of knew, I wasn’t sure and when the twist came I just wasn’t prepared for it...To wrap things up here. Cardeno C made an amazing, off the chart, relatable, sweet, romantic, soul-searching, socially interesting novel. The journey in this pages will fill you up with smiles, baling fists, wanting to commit character murder (in my case), laughter, deep thinking and more than anything, love so great that everything seems worth it at the end… If you don’t have in mind the fact that the twist of the book left you wanting more, even thou there is no cliff-hanger here.

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