Perfect Imperfections Reviews

Joyfully Reviewed A delightful blend of charming story and sexy characters.

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Kimichan Experience Book Reviews Warm, sensual, sweet and hot. Reg is a perfect guy. Maybe he's too perfect, but with Jeremy as his other half, he has to be. Jeremy is a spoiled brat, has tantrums and no idea how the real world works. But he doesn't know any better. When Reg points out his flaws, he genuinely tries to better himself. I liked how Reg's POV was written. He is funny and such a good person, his thoughts cracked me up sometimes. Jeremy broke my heart sometimes. He's insecure and lonely, even if he doesn't even know it. His life hasn't been his own until Reg takes over some of the control. It gives Jeremy the time to calm down and get a handle of his own life. It's so great to read how their relationship grows without Jeremy realizing it. ... Believe me, you want to read this story.

Kindle Romance Reviews The build up to their first hot sex scene together was so intense and emotional. I liked the way we saw time pass by so the strengthening of their relationship made sense. Throw in a little mystery about somebody leaking information to the press, and I had a story that I couldn't put down.

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Leann's Book Reviews
Leann's Book Reviews What ensues is a story of friendship, trust and acceptance...the emotions are in the forefront along with the humor. The ‘feels' in this story are subtle but heartfelt nonetheless. Jeremy and Reg's connection is instant but through honest dialogue, funny banter and flirtatious and candid interactions, Cardeno deepens it. Bringing forth numerous ‘awww' moments, laughs and sighs. I loved Jeremy and Reg's easy camaraderie. It was great to see how it jumped off the page. They were friends first, lovers later and their journey was a treat to experience.

Literary Nymphs Reviews Perfect Imperfections is a very enjoyable read, with entertaining characters who are immediately likeable.... I recommend to any fan of the genre as it has a really engrossing storyline and some scorching scenes between Jeremy and Reg. Personally, Reg is my favorite character, as he is relaxed and easy going, but focused on making Jeremy happy – a dream come true to me. ...Through Reg we get to dig under the surface to see that Jeremy is kind, gentle and much in need of love. Of course, he is far from perfect, and I love how Reg can accept all of the musician, imperfections and all. What's even better, he helps Jeremy accept them too. The author did a good job of teasing me, testing my patience as our two guys figure each other out, and the ups and downs of being famous were also interesting to explore.

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