In Another Life & Eight Days Reviews

Hearts on Fire Reviews The stories are generally sweet and sexy and even when they deal with serious issues there is still a lightness and fun about them.

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Joyfully Jay
Joyfully Jay In Another Life gives us such a unique story structure, one that is so creative and really kept me captivated. ... These guys just worked together for me, mushy romance and all. The story has such a great holiday feel, with the ideas of true love and destiny, of finding that home and family, and ultimately acceptance. ... It is really more a feeling of the holiday magic, of comfort and love and finding your place with people who care about you. I enjoyed this one quite a lot and found it unique in structure and very heartwarming and romantic. Definitely recommended.

LeAnn's Book Reviews
LeAnn's Book Reviews What can I say? I loved it. ... A story of fate, faith in the unknown and letting go of demons past, In Another Life is everything I have come to expect from a Cardeno C story. The characters were adorable, interesting and relatable. The emotions each one portrayed jumped off the page to impart the most impact in the reader and the chemistry was sizzling hot. I enjoyed each interaction, each funny moment and all of the emotional ones. The yearning, the trust and the love that the story invoked in me were the sentiments that make this such a heart-warming and touching holiday read for me. But most of all, what made this story so perfect, was the sense of rightness that the story drew from me.

Live Your Life, Buy the Book This is a lovely story about how we look at ourselves ... mostly it is a very sweet love story. It is about the choices we make and the opportunities we might never get to experience, depending on those choices. It is about loving yourself and reaching out. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. There were several very funny moments that had me laughing out loud and some that were heart-wrenching. Even with the serious subject matter that is central to the book, the story is thoughtful and has some light-hearted moments. A lovely addition to your holiday reading list.

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MM Good Book Reviews There are so many words that I would like to utter but they mainly consist of Ohhhh Ahhhh sweet and cute, and *sigh* soooo romantic. We are given a true treat with this wonderful holiday story that shows the despair of a young man who feels he doesn't have anything to cling to. It then takes us on a journey to a possible future that he would miss out on and then we are treated to a sweet ending when the course of the future is changed with Shiloh's knowledge and his actions. The love that is discovered first in the future and then in the present is incredibly sweet but also passionate, a meeting of soul mates who are meant to be whether in the future or in the present..... Ah, there are so many wonderful and bittersweet moments in this story .... I recommend this to those who love stories of a love that was meant to be, incredible characters, a story that draws out your emotions with ease and a story that brings family together.

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