Montaña Azul

Montaña Azul

Exiliado de su manada cuando apenas era un adolescente, el lobo omega Simon Moorehead aprende a dejar de lado su naturaleza amable en pos de su supervivencia.

Word Count: 35,375

TJ y Finn

TJ y Finn

TJ y Finn siempre han sido amigos y desde hace muchos años mantienen una relación formal y feliz.

Word Count: 5,000

Rio Rojo

Rio Rojo

Dos hombres lobo se unen para liderar su manada y construir una familia.

Word Count: 38,800

El restaurante de Jesse

El restaurante de Jesse

Dos hombres que comparten la misma historia y una atracción mutua deben ser honestos con ellos mismos y con el otro para que sus sueños se vuelvan realidad.

Word Count: 30,000

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Loved the complicated leads and the organic romance which unfolded in unexpected ways for me. ... At novel's beginning I thought I knew Ash, aka Asshole ... But oh does his character grow! ... Ash is a unique romance hero in that his past isn't used to explain away his boorish behavior, instead Daniel accepts Ash and helps him see how much better a person he can be by loving Daniel. ... Daniel is just as stellar a character as Ash but in a totally different way. ... The romance between Daniel and Ash was absolutely captivating. Daniel is like an immovable wall of love that Ash runs up against and can't quite figure out. Ash is so used to having all the control that he can't imagine how calm, free-spirited and clumsy Daniel makes him not care about power and control. This dynamic steeps the novel in emotional and erotic intensity ... This novel could easily have been just Ash getting what he needed from a relationship but Daniel gets the anchor and home he's always craved. How the reconciliation happens perfectly shows Ash's character growth as well as how much Daniel needs Ash. ... This romance is like expensive chocolate with complexity and flavor without being too sweet. ... Something in the Way He Needs is my favorite Cardeno C. novel and will be on my re-read and favorite book shelves.

The Book Vixen

very single title in the series thus far has been pure pleasure to read. If you like, love, or are merely sitting in a ‘meh' position on the fence of the paranormal genre, Cardeno C.'s lyrical, mystical, and gossamer web of words is sure to leave you wrapped in satisfaction. ... get ready for one hell of a read in the latest installment of this exquisite series. The third book in this series, In Your Eyes, is perhaps a tougher read than the first two… but like all things one has to work a bit more to acquire, the pay-off at the end is greater as well. Pfft, whatever you do, be prepared to fall in love over and over and over again.

Smoocher's Voice

A beautiful love story between two people who slowly came together to become a perfect pair....The sex in this story was extremely steamy with a touch of rough play. The time they spent getting to know one another was fascinating. My favorite part of the story was watching Abe slowly become a permanent part of Jase's life without Jase even realizing it.....Another amazing and engaging story by Cardeno C. Although they don't have to be read in order, I have read and loved every single story in this series and recommend all of them.

Swept Away by Romance

A very unusual pairing in the shifter genre and I soon learned that the two authors happily left behind any shifter cliche I could think of :) The hawk alpha may be strong, but he's also small like avian shifters in this book tend to be. He is also a control freak, who craves to release the control in bed. The bear shifter is even stronger and dominant in his human form when he is in bed with his lover, but he is usually completely tame and couldn't hurt a fly as it seems. He's even a vegetarian (like me – yay!) and it makes for very striking oppositions between the characters! …I loved that they aren't just opposites, they complete each other and there was a lot of chemistry from the very first time they met… One of my favorite aspects was the different take on bonds. Well, let's say the different perspective one of the MCs had. Insta-love is usually not my cuppa, so I applauded him for not letting fate determine his destiny but for wanting to take destiny into his own hand and make his own decisions… The animal halves seemed to be a big part of the characters and I loved the mythology of this world and the heartbreaking backstory of one of the MCs. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in this town and it was fun to watch the characters interact ;) … I can really recommend this book. Try something that's…

Rainbow Gold Reviews

This is a nice book, a character and romance driven story that has no dramas or miscommunication. It is driven very much by the development of the relationship between Reg and Jeremy.... I totally bought the fact that Jeremy fell for Reg and nothing felt forced or awkward..... It was also the time taken by Cardeno C to work out their relationship – this book is over a period of a year – Jeremy's realizations, and the slow burn to them being together, that were particularly well written.

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