Siphon Collection



Two lions, each born to serve, rely on one another to survive.

Word Count: 56,233

Two lion shifters need one another to survive, but choose one another for love.

These books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

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I very much enjoyed how the story takes us through the rekindling of their relationship. ... Ezekiel Robinson has the perfect, soothing voice for this story. His reading is smooth and lets the story flow ...I cheered my heart out for these two and I know you will too.

Walk With Me was just what I wanted it to be. Sweet, sexy, funny and engaging. ... This isn't really a GFY trope, more a will they/won't they romance because over the years they constantly fight their feelings for each other, whilst settling into a deep friendship that you know one day will have to come to a head because no one can fight true love when its staring them in the face! So that's the basis but like all good stories its how you get there that makes this such an enjoyable book....The connection and chemistry never fails to sizzle and many a time I've got pretty hot under the collar. But this story is really quite different in so much as sex doesn't actually happen until just over half way, because of course the whole idea is based on the long drawn out sexual tension that builds over the years as they dance around each other, and do you know what? I liked that just fine because when the long anticipated inevitable finally happens, OMG! its soooo worth the wait and the love scenes that follow are ultra sexy and high voltage electric.... There were guest appearances from the guys we've grown to love from the other books in the series and the ending was just perfect. Satisfying and truly romantic. If Cardeno had to wrap up this series then this story is a fitting end.

Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

There is a real focus on differences in the story but all that made me do is see how similar Danny and Asher are and how perfect they become for each other. I love reading stories about men capable of great change or informed change where it is a conscious choice to behave in a different way. Therefore, this one was perfectly placed and timed for me to love the heck out of it. If you enjoy a great story about two men who are flawed but hopeful and willing to work toward the end goal then Something in the Way He Needs is heartily recommended by me!

Manic Readers

I enjoyed Eli's character as he attempted to get Seth to fall for him and it was only his young age that helped Seth keep him at arm's length. ....It was hard to define what the funniest part of the story was....Eli finally got his man, but it wasn't until he had given up proving that persistence does pay off! The love between Eli and Seth was beautiful and inspiring.

Fallen Angel Reviews

I absolutely loved it! ...Reg is an amazing character and I just loved the whole package. He was so clued in to Jeremy it was gorgeous to see revealed, in one fabulous chapter after another, the love developing between these two gloriously divine men. It was one of those books you just could not put down and everything stopped so you could continue to be lost in the beautiful romance evolving. The vulnerability of Jeremy just took my breath away... When he was hesitant in asking for a hug my heart just melted and immediately Reg stepped in and just gave whatever Jeremy needed. He was wonderful for nurturing what Jeremy needed and his protector. Oh I so loved this book and these men! When Jeremy finally opens up and accepts who he is and the relationship stepped up to another level I was rubbing my hands with glee. Oh and the sexy times that then took place – oh my GEE! A brilliant sweet and sexy read that has left me with a serious book hangover and a ‘you must read this book' recommendation. Five stars plus.

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