Mates Collection

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

Two very different men with a tumultuous history must overcome challenges from all sides and see past their society's rules to realize they are destined for one another.

Word Count: 60,875

To Touch You

To Touch You

“His name is Salvatore Rossi. He’s a vampire. And he’s my true mate.”

Word Count: 66,181

Until Forever Comes

Until Forever Comes

A sensitive wolf shifter and a vicious vampire challenge history, greed, and the very fabric of their beings in order to stay together until forever comes.

Word Count: 60,702

Wake Me Up Inside

Wake Me Up Inside

A powerful Alpha wolf shifter and a strong-willed human overcome traditions ingrained over generations and uncover long-buried secrets to fulfill their destiny as true mates.

Word Count: 74,755

Destined for each other, true mates find love despite the odds.

These books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

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If you love stories about mates falling for each other through hard times, I highly recommend To Touch You!

The TBR Pile

I really have a weak for hot shifters and this book was right up my alley. I have, to be honest though…I have read this series kind of out of order. This happens to me a lot though, and since these books can be read as standalone…it wasn’t an issue....These boys were hot together before they mated but after…phhewww. 

Dirty Book Obsession

A beautifully romantic, sexy fairy tale with scorching hot sexy times and terrific dirty talk!

Reviews by Jess Wave

This is a shifter world with a very interesting twist to the Mating of shifters. ... The book follows these guys from birth until they are thirty, so you get to see them at all stages of their life and relationship. I liked that. I also liked that their romance didn't evolve until later than you would expect. Before that they were truly just best friends although they definitely always had that bond. I also really enjoyed the fact that Jonah never knew that Zev and Pup were the same creature. Yes, he has a bond with the wolf too who's been with him throughout his life. It was a good read. I could feel the bond between the two guys and as they began to decline, I really worried for them. I loved the mystery of why Jonah is the way that he is... a bit stronger than he should be as a human and he always has a sense when Zev is around. The twist with Zev being as strong as he was and a great Alpha for his pack made him a great hero. You got to see him strong and dominate with them, but then got to see his soft, mushy side with Jonah. But I truly loved that both guys are really VERY strong. It was an interesting read and I definitely enjoyed it.

Smitten With Reading

Something in the Way He Needs is the story of finding the one who calls to your heart. It is an emotional journey into the dynamics of a relationship, while exploring the question of who holds the power? ... I loved the premise of this story as aloof, super-cool Asher makes the decision to pursue easy going Daniel and both men go for the promise of a relationship. I liked these two and their sex scenes are definitely hot and plentiful. I enjoyed Asher's growth through his missteps and devastating choices. The strong difference in the two main characters created believable tension throughout the story. There are wonderful secondary characters in the book. Oliver, Asher's friend and employee and Oliver's fiancée, Shirley give the story some lighter moments. Let's just say, Oliver doesn't have a clue while long-suffering Shirley tries to ring his number. Shirley and Daniel definitely hit it off as friends.

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