Siphon Collection



Two lions, each born to serve, rely on one another to survive.

Word Count: 56,233

Two lion shifters need one another to survive, but choose one another for love.

These books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

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A great story with characters that I genuinely grew to love and with the kind of Happily-Ever-After I love.

Love Bytes Reviews

The love scenes are awesomely hot, steamy and sexy but there's also some lovely moments of true romance mixed in there too and that lifts them up a notch. …Vy and Robert are meant to be together but it's watching them both come to that realization, each in their own way, mate bond or not, that's so lovely to watch…. As you can guess it's another one that goes onto my 'I loved it' shelf and another one that makes me thank the day I discovered m/m! … an appealing, engaging, feel good, nice and spicy shifter book that uses a familiar topic yet still manages to be innovative is just what the doctor ordered! Smiles all round!

Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Cardeno C. has become my go-to author when I want to read a sexy, beautiful m/m story that I know will be filled with heart, well-written characters and tons of emotion. ...This is a hot, sweet and gorgeous story that I absolutely loved from beginning to end. ....These two have some SCORCHING hot sex scenes together and I absolutely loved watching Jase's love for Abe slowly unfold throughout the story. ...These two really made a family together, and that is the real heart of this story. Treat yourself to a fantastic, beautifully written and sexy story and read The Half of Us. You will love it!

The Book Bellas

This author is good at packing a lot of story in a few pages. The feelings that go through Abel when he sees Kai, and the condition he is in, is intense. He wants so badly to not care, but the pull between them is so strong. The embarrassment and self loathing that comes from Kai is heartbreaking. You will run the gamut of emotions with this read, but as always the strongest will be satisfaction!

Guilty Indulgence

Cardeno C is a fantastic storyteller. Each story draws readers in and allows us to witness the characters' journey to love –the steamy, loving, and dramatic path that changes them for the better and makes them whole.

Fairest of All Book Reviews