Siphon Collection



Two lions, each born to serve, rely on one another to survive.

Word Count: 56,233

Two lion shifters need one another to survive, but choose one another for love.

These books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

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Can a vampire and a shifter, supposedly mortal enemies, become each other's soul mate and savior? ... Ethan is such a lovely character. He's a bit insecure after spending his life unable to shift, making him an outcast in his pack. However, he had the unconditional love of his family, especially his sister, allowing him to value himself and making him determined to hold unto his mate after finding him. Miguel is extremely old, powerful, and smart. ... It was absolutely adorable how jealous and protective each of these men were of the other. The epilogue was perfect, answering some questions from the first story and giving us a solid feeling of forever for Ethan and Miguel. You can't go wrong with this riveting page turner with true love, a suspenseful plot, wonderful dialogue, vampires, shifters, and steamy hot sex. I couldn't put it down, and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!

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I love sexy, fluffy goodness, and all CC books have it in spades.

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The resulting relationship is part friendship, part hottie hot hot sex personified. This gay for you book will get you hooked

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McFarland's Farm by Cardeno C. is a light, angst free novella. The story has very little conflict and when misunderstandings do arise, they are quickly resolved. The characters are well-developed with realistic insecurities and flaws. The romance is believable and the sex scenes are incredibly hot. All in all, it is a wonderful first installment in the Hope series that will leave fans eagerly awaiting future releases.

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