Mates Collection

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

Two very different men with a tumultuous history must overcome challenges from all sides and see past their society's rules to realize they are destined for one another.

Word Count: 60,875

To Touch You

To Touch You

“His name is Salvatore Rossi. He’s a vampire. And he’s my true mate.”

Word Count: 66,181

Until Forever Comes

Until Forever Comes

A sensitive wolf shifter and a vicious vampire challenge history, greed, and the very fabric of their beings in order to stay together until forever comes.

Word Count: 60,702

Wake Me Up Inside

Wake Me Up Inside

A powerful Alpha wolf shifter and a strong-willed human overcome traditions ingrained over generations and uncover long-buried secrets to fulfill their destiny as true mates.

Word Count: 74,755

Destined for each other, true mates find love despite the odds.

These books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

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Both the characters and the plot development grabbed and kept my attention. Johnnie's sweetness was endearing and Hugh's alpha voice and reactions were hot. Their relationship was fascinating and pleasurable to follow as the couple go through quite a journey together. Their evolving relationship provided smoking hot entertainment and pulled at my heartstrings too. Always a relief when we manage to get a great balance between romance and steamy sex.

Bex 'n' Books

A beautiful love story between two people who slowly came together to become a perfect pair....The sex in this story was extremely steamy with a touch of rough play. The time they spent getting to know one another was fascinating. My favorite part of the story was watching Abe slowly become a permanent part of Jase's life without Jase even realizing it.....Another amazing and engaging story by Cardeno C. Although they don't have to be read in order, I have read and loved every single story in this series and recommend all of them.

Swept Away by Romance

The character development that Samuel undergoes is astounding. ...the author wrote the scenes in such a way that they felt perfectly paced. As expected, the sex scenes were hot and I swear I could feel Samuel's enthusiasm pouring off the pages once he embraced his sexuality and his mate. In Your Eyes has such a great balance of romance, sexual heat, action and intrigue that I was engrossed from beginning to end. Cardeno C. has written yet another great installment in the Mates series and I can only hope there are more to come.

Ponderings from Paradise

I read and giggled and laughed out loud and sighed and awww'd and sniffled and smiled. ...Theirs was a journey of hope, faith and love. The writing draws you in from the start and never lets you go. It's engaging, honest and humorous, yet emotional when befitting the situation, and holy hot boysecks, Batman. The whole relationship with its slow burn is permeated by respect and friendship for each other, and a deep, abiding connection. Seth might have taken his time, but when he figures it out, it's full steam ahead. And Eli, persistent, a little hesitant but oh so sure of what he wants - simply a joy to behold... Humor abounds during the weddings Seth officiates, and there are plenty of sweet moments between him and Eli too. ... Highly recommended. Utterly beautiful.

My Fiction Nook

I liked Johnnie. It's trademark Cardeno C - sweet, sexy, easy reading with one protagonist who starts off somewhat annoying, one who is very sweet and wins over the oblivious one.

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