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Hearts on Fire Reviews I actually really liked the twist in how the story is told, it worked well for me. The first half is from Charlie's POV and then we switch between the three in alternating chapters.... Despite there being some serious issues and difficulties, this is a happy story, a sweet story, unabashedly so, and it's a sexy story with a dash of Cinderfella. It's not complicated, it's not full of drama, I want to be happy when I finish a book, I want to be entertained and smile and sigh when I read. And this book gave me all that and more. It is a great addition not only to my "m/m/m" shelf but also my "favorites" shelf. I want to just bask in the sexy sweetness that is Charlie and his harem of two.

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Joyfully Jay ... Partly that is because Charlie is a fabulous narrator. I just loved his dialog and his inner voice. ... He is confident and sharp witted and determined to be himself. ... Charlie is also the heart of the story, the person who ties the three men together, the one who is the nurturer and the caregiver and who is the rock that builds their family. ... I will be vague on the details here to avoid spoiling some significant events, but I will just say the three men reunite and there is an opportunity for them to all three be together. Again, the author really shows us how far these three men have come over the years (it has been about 20 since the start of the book). ..The three men are fabulous together and all make a perfect family... So I totally adored this story and it is my favorite for sure by this author. I loved the slow sweetness to the story. It is actually fairly light on the sex, at least by this author's standards, but at the same time, the passion and intensity between these men when they are together is amazing. Just the smallest scenes are so heated and meaningful. They are so sexy and romantic and loving that I just adored them. I loved Charlie's humor and narration, loved the way the story builds one relationship at a time until ultimately it all comes together. I just adored the whole thing. Exceptionally well done and highly recommended.

Joyfully Jay More Than Everything is such an engrossing and heartwarming book that I was totally captivated from the very beginning. Cardeno C creates such a unique story here, so different and creatively done, with characters I adored and a unique tone and structure.

Leann's Book Reviews What followed was a story of healing, letting go and learning to trust once again. .... I loved Chase! He was adorably, sweet, quirky and a hell of all lot of fun. .... Hell yeah, Cardeno C came through for me, yet again! .... I appreciated that Cardeno didn't just wrap it all up with a pretty bow. Nope, Cardeno made all of them work through their issues until they could move forward. ...As a fan of Cardeno C this book was everything I was expecting and as a hopeless romantic this story brought about the tears, the smiles and the "awww" moments I've come to expect from a fantastic romance.

Literary Nymphs Reviews It's a well written and entertaining addition to the series that I enjoyed. The storyline is nicely plotted, the personalities are unique and well developed, the imagery is vivid and the flow smooth. I like Charlie. He's a sweet guy and doesn't make any apologies for who he is. Even when life hurts, he goes on - he deals with it - tries to be happy. ... His biggest hurt also gives him his greatest happiness, and the future he always wanted. It's a difficult moment in his life and oh, so realistic. The author handles it very well.... It's non-traditional but watching them work through their issues made me smile. But then I found myself smiling often during this entertaining love story. I couldn't help it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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